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Household Budget Smoothies

KNY RECIPES: Slim Green Smoothie

May 28, 2017

Welcome back again to the Let's Eat - the series of post when I investigate and compare the cost of healthy eating as oppose to the high street easy available options. Last week I compare homemade nutella with the original Nutella spread. It turned out that the healthier option was 38% more expensive. The good news is that at least your love handles may actually shrink of you go for the homemade nutella 😉 Today, I take a close look at this revitalising recipe for…

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Household Budget Sweets

KYN RECIPES: Yummy Homemade Nutella

May 22, 2017

Welcome to Let's Eat post series! This series is a part of #KnowYourNumbers (KYN) campaign where I encourage you to look more closely into the cost of your household.  My recommendations are purely based on my taste and are result of my journey to eat better and at the same time keeping control of the household spending.  Having had sweet tooth pretty much my entire life I think I manage quite well considering I am not obese. However, finding myself…

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Children Personal Finance


January 29, 2017

I grew up in Eastern Europe in a middle class family when education was the primary focus. By the time communism was gone, I knew nothing less than an average Western child. I was brought up by loving parents, who both worked very hard - mum as a caregiver, father as a breadwinner - to make sure I did not end up in prison. 32 years later I find myself in their shoes having recently given birth to our son…

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