February 7, 2016

denim-164983_1280I am currently on the search and a mission to simplify my wardrobe. I want to re-vamp it in a way which would ease the masochistic decision-making process I go through every day. Not only I decided to edit my office attire but also my out-of-office wardrobe. I mean why do I need to look like a homeless since with small adjustments I can enjoy a fresh look during the weekends. I started with jeans. Black pair of classic Lee. Bought online. Delivery arrived…

Not only, I bought them too tight but also too short (like 1 cm). I dressed them and went out for a haircut but all I could think about was:

there are too short,

no they are fine – stop thinking about it all the time,

crap, they are too small,

no, I think I need to use them few times,

yes, there are too small because all I can see in the mirror is a muffin top

Undecided, I picked up the pair which fits me perfectly (classic Lee as well). Folded them in half so that I could see a single leg, smooth them out and measured the inseam. Outcome: 1 cm less than my perfect pair… Few months ago I may have compromise and keep the just-a-little-too-small pair but since I made a commitment to truly re-vamp my wardrobe, sorry Lee – I am sending them back.

If I did listen to my intuition when I first try them on I would not have to measure but I guess sometimes you just need to be sure 🙂

*a roll of fat visible above the top of a pair of women’s tight-fitting low-waisted trousers

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  • Reply Emilia Lis pisze February 9, 2016 at 11:28 am

    I love jeans but I hate buying them. It’ s so hard to find a perfect pair of jeans. I used to love shopping but now I’m really fed up with that. I prefer buying on-line but buying trousers using Internet is not a good idea;)
    Yesterday I bought a lovely pair of jeans for … 49 zł. Yes , it really happend:) I hope the quality is also good.

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