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KNY RECIPES: Slim Green Smoothie

May 28, 2017

Welcome back again to the Let's Eat - the series of post when I investigate and compare the cost of healthy eating as oppose to the high street easy available options. Last week I compare homemade nutella with the original Nutella spread. It turned out that the healthier option was 38% more expensive. The good news is that at least your love handles may actually shrink of you go for the homemade nutella 😉

Today, I take a close look at this revitalising recipe for a light green smoothie. It is extra refreshing thus ideal for the hot weather. Ideally served in a big jug full of ice and fresh mint. It may not replace the real thing - sangria, but do not underestimate green tea, pineapple & spinach...


  • 50g spinach,
  • 150g fresh pineapple,
  • 400ml green tea,
  • 6g linseed

Serving: 1 full glass of wine (yes, you read it correctly - a glass of wine, I like my smoothies served in a fancy glass¹)


Brew green tea from one teabag in 400 ml of water and leave it to cool.

Blend spinach, pineapple, linseeds and green tea until smooth.

Serve with ice and fresh mint.

Good to know

Be aware that once you blend it, the smoothie almost instantly divides into two: water at the bottom of the glass with the rest floating at the top. It may be off-putting for some but I did not have any problems sipping it while I finally put my feet up after a long day.

Add honey if you prefer it sweet.

Cost: £1.05

  • 50g spinach,
  • 150g fresh pineapple,
  • 400ml green tea,
  • 6g linseed

The cost £1.05 is per approx 600ml of slim green smoothie.

If you decide to shop the ingredients budget for £4.10. The most expensive here are fresh produce - spinach and pineapple while green tea and linseed will last you for quite some time.


If compared to Tropicana orange juice which usually costs £2.48 per 950ml, the slim green smoothies is quite cheap. 600ml of Tropicana orange juice costs £1.57 compare to £1.05 for the same amount of slim green smoothie. No brainer. The green smoothie is 33% cheaper than the better quality orange juice. Conclusion: start smoothie-ing at home 🙂


Cheers! Saude. Na zdrowie. 

¹ The truth is I present I drink wine!

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