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October 2, 2016

TROUSERS: Mothercare | T-SHIRT: J.Crew | BLAZER: Banana Republic (similar here) | PUMPS: L.K.Bennet (on sale now!) | SCARF: Taranko (similar here & here) | SNEAKERS: H&M

Office attire turns to into even bigger challenge when you are pregnant. Keeping it professional and staying away from leggings is a must so how do you cope? You invest in two/three bottoms which will serve you well during pregnancy. Mind you, the essentials may seem boring but trust me they will save you a lot of time trying to figure out your daily outfit. After hours of wasting my time at maternity sections in major high street brands’ shops I found these two classic items: maternity pencil skirt and black maternity trousers. I happily share the links with you so 3 hours of your life can be dedicated to something important rather than playing Sherlock Holmes with maternity fashion.

Another must have are sneakers. Get yourself one which are in any of the neutral colours. I chose the budget option by H&M. Otherwise commuting becomes quite tiring.

And the rest? Play with whatever you already have in your wardrobe. With these two (maternity pencil skirt and trousers) as your base I am sure you will create some appropriate office maternity outfits in no time leaving your mind free of maternity-outfits dillemmas so that you can focus on more important matters.

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