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Comfy Patterned Dress

July 10, 2016

Dress by TM Lewin 

Hello from sunny London! I believe I owe you an explanation why for the past months there have been no posts… You may realise blogging and photography is my hobby and I treat Prospectus solely as a side project. Hence, when big changes arrive and you need to deal with the unexpected you, quite rightly, stick to what is the most important. It is exactly what I did. I cut my activities to minimum with my work as a priority. There was no time left for creative photography and writing. Although I missed it dearly…

With changes settling, I am back to the weekly outfit notes and I hope to see you more often here as well.

For the next half a year, I will stick to office maternity outfits. I will try to kill two birds with one stone – I certainly will not recommend stocking up on maternity clothes that will not serve you well after giving birth. My focus will be around clothes that will look good on you during and after the pregnancy and which will fit in well with the corporate look.

Pregnancy and work may be quite controversial topic as some women would start their maternity leave way before the baby is born, other will continue to work until the end. Although, we are all entitled to make our own choices (luckily!) I stand by an opinion that pregnancy is not a disease. As far as career and responsibilities are concerned, I see no need to start the leave until I actually have to.

This said, my first office attire suggestion after a long break. It feels good to be back.

Agata founded Prospectus to share inspiration and her managerial experience as a way of encouraging others not to be afraid to take executive decisions in both their professional and private life. Launched in December 2015, Prospectus is a growing collection of conversations around management, leadership, personal finance & professional attire.

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