On Routine

May 8, 2016


Routine. Some of us loathe it some of us like it. I am definitely belong to the latter group. I like my life structured with reasonable standard deviation. I like to stick to the known so I can embark on exploring the unknown. Routine is like a foundation for me – it prepares me mentally and physically for next challenges. 

You may have already realised that I was extremely busy due to the total lack of posts here but here I am again – sipping coffee and enjoying mild breeze while I am writing this post. I am most happy about my routine come back! You may wonder what is so special about my routine – I can be brutally honest with you – nothing. Here’s my daily activities:

Good food , Daily workouts, Good sleep, Work, Reading, Good rest at weekends

You see, I told you nothing special. Yet again imagine this scenario. You have noting in your fridge so you order take – away 4 days in a row. You skip exercise because all you want to do it to catch up on some sleep. This does not help much – even 8 hours does not feel enough. Top it up with a hectic day at work which normally would be something completely normal, lack of intellectual stimulation no time during the weekend for yourself. It is a recipe for total disaster. Unless you call it moving homes. 

Happily settled in a new place I can say hello to the world !!!

How about your routine? Anything you cannot love without?

Agata founded Prospectus to share inspiration and her managerial experience as a way of encouraging others not to be afraid to take executive decisions in both their professional and private life. Launched in December 2015, Prospectus is a growing collection of conversations around management, leadership, personal finance & professional attire.

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