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January 15, 2017

If you follow me on social media (if not, I recommend you do as it would make me very happy) you might have noticed that I recently became a mother. As with almost any project I embark on (isn’t it rude to call pregnancy a project?) I like to do a little research so that the unknown turns into less unknown. I would usually pick up few books here and there and so I did on parenting.

Make sure you stock up on tissues…to wipe your tears – I read – (…) and know that it is better to cry together. There would be usually one mother crying in one apartment and another in different apartment – both overwhelmed with little known emotions. Get together! To exchange ideas and support each other. Plus it ‘takes a village’ to raise a child so do not lock yourself in your cozy apartment.

As much as we do what is best for our children I sometimes under impression that we lock ourselves in our imaginary four walls to deal with our own worries, troubles and fears alone. Showing emotions and sharing doubts has nothing to do with weakness and everything to do with self-awareness. I can guarantee you that for every single bad day you have there is someone else who feels the same. For every tear on your cheek there is someone else who could not hold and burst into tears. So, come together and as Bono once sang ‘talk to each other’. The real power comes from community.

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